My name is Helena and I have a passion for art and adventures. Whilst studying at university was very theoretical, I have always had a fiery desire to explore the world beyond the daily life.

Living in the era of social media, it has become a daily habit to keep ourselves updated about nearly everything, we are confronted with people not only in real life, furthermore there is a huge variety of people on our screens. No matter if it is about how we look, what we wear, how many times we go to the gym or what our daily routine is, all those people are willing to share their views and opinions online, I had to discover that there was nothing that stimulated my mind the way I wished it did.

From the first day I started to work on ArtDore, it has been a wonderful adventure full of surprises. It is a heartfelt desire of mine to share art that inspires me, with the world – and as Oscar Wilde once said: “The secret of life is in art”. I want you to take you on a journey to find those secrets. I strongly believe that through art we can learn much more about ourselves than we believe we do.  My enthusiasm for art is increasing with every inspiring person I meet – art can be found anywhere in life. What comes out of creative creation is art. And it is so special to me that I thought I want to share a bit of it with the world, too. 

Because I believe in the power content, art seems to be something that never goes out of style. Art can be anything, it is about life, about what both the artist and the viewer personally have experienced, it is about more than temporary looks, beauty tips and gym routines.

Art is what enlightens our hearts, what stimulates all our senses and what we truly adore.

Finally, this is what I decided to do, on a September morning: Sharing my passion for art with everyone who wants to join me on this journey.


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